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I am a self-taught photographer. I live to discover and understand people and the world. I believe that photography is a powerful way to tell stories and sometimes to make up for what is not said with words.

Ever since childhood I have tried to follow my passions. I am an Italian non-professional photographer and I was born in Caserta (1980), city where I currently live. 

I have developed this site to create a showcase of my passion. I'm growing as a self-taught photographer, getting hands-on experience with many pictures and spending months and months travelling.

I think that the knowledge of the places and cultures are the best way to discover the diversity of our world and really understand it. I usually use Canon cameras.


If you like any of my pictures or if you have any specific request for its use, please drop me an email. My works are available for print or publish in various formats and techniques. This is no-profit website.

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